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Hamilton Athletic Club

Your Healthier Tomorrow Starts Today!

Elvin Moya

Elvin Moya is a master trainer with 12 years experience with certifications in all areas of fitness. In the last eight of the 12 years he's been specializing in womens small group weight loss, strength and conditioning, and full body transformations. His skills and knowledge led him to create an advanced and highly effective program that he calls "The Transformation." The program is based on the science of muscle confusion. Elvin uses four of the most effective forms of exercise, along with a custom meal plan specific to your food preference thats guaranteed to promote the results you desire. Whether you've never weight trained a day in your life, or you're just looking to lose weight and tone your body back into shape, his program will get it done. He has helped hundreds of his clients reach their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let him transform you!

Now offering men's training with (limited) slots available.