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Hamilton Athletic Club

Your Healthier Tomorrow Starts Today!

Kevin has been a certified personal trainer for over 20 years. He works in all areas of personal fitness including: sport conditioning, weight loss, lacrosse training, nutrition and sports therapy.

Kevin is unique in the world of physical training. He takes a sincere, fun, caring and holistic approach to train all of his clients. Skilled in body building and conditioning, he couples his no-nonsense physical training program with a focus on nutrition and healthy living. He works with each client on their goals, and is not shy in "firing" a client if they are not serious about making real progress. If you are serious about physical conditioning, Kevin Tersolo is committed to you and your success. Kevin has been recognized in the media for his work with overweight clients. In the words of one of Kevin's success stories, "You have to have the right mindset." 

Kevin is also the Head Lacrosse Coach at Pingree School.